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Wyche Consulting was founded in 2001 by Joe Wyche. From the beginning our philosophy has been to supplement other organizations in the specialized area of bridge and civil structural design, instead of competing with them. We have provided bridge and civil structural engineering services to a number of clients, and for the majority of these activities have been integrated into design teams with other firms. Typically on major projects we play a Leading or Director design role for major and complex structures. Wyche Consulting’s client list includes several other firms which have considerable expertise on their own, but for whom Wyche Consulting can provide complementary or supplementary skills. These include for example GHD and KBR. In addition to this work, Wyche Consulting has carried out a number of direct design briefs for clients varying from government departments such as Main Roads, to builders such as Structural Systems, Leighton Contractors, and Thiess.


The structure of the firm naturally limits its people to a small number who develop a high level of skills and work as a closely integrated group. Our skill and experience base is built around the firm’s sole Director, Joe Wyche, who has over thirty years of experience in bridge and civil structural engineering for projects ranging from management of aging timber bridge infrastructure through to designing large bridges for D&C contracts.Operations commenced in September 2001 with Joe as a sole practitioner. His other long term colleague, Ros MacKinlay joined the firm in February 2002, and has worked on numerous projects for Wyche Consulting. We have also have a young colleague, Caroline Morrell, whose design skills have developed rapidly under our system of mentoring and training.  Caroline Morrell had several years in the construction industry before joining the firm.  She is working with us part time as her young family grows. 


There are a number of differences between our approach and more traditional firms, which we believe not only make us more effective for our clients but also provide a more enjoyable and fulfilling career for our own people:

Small firm – high expertise. We have always deliberately limited the size of the firm to a maximum of four people to ensure that there is a high degree of contact and awareness between our colleagues, to ensure skills are developed, and to maintain our ability to work as a highly integrated team.

Flexible efficient methodology. We are prepared to vary our work methods to suit other clients and evolving technology. For example our engineers all constantly use CAD drafting for tasks ranging from pure design to preparing information for drafters, or even to directly draft final drawings. Each of our engineers has a laptop with our software installed, so that he or she can relocate instantly to a client’s premises, or operate in our own premises on our local network.

Professional development. A proportion of revenue is set aside to pay a proportion of each individual’s time to develop his or her professional skills. Hours may be booked for attending seminars, writing papers and giving talks, writing engineering software or any similar activity where the individual can learn and develop skills.

Basis for Remuneration. Our people are paid for all hours worked, and may elect to work for more or less hours, depending on the firm’s overall ability to meet commitments to clients. In addition, when possible, profit shares are distributed to staff. This system gives a sense of ownership and involvement which is rewarding for everyone in the firm. 

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