Seaford Rail Extension (2010-2011) - Temporary works design. 1200m long incrementally launched rail bridge in Adelaide.  All structural temporary works and advice on construction engineering.  Interestin challenge was need to launch deck in jouined segments which are later split to provide extra expansion joints.  Client Thiess / McConnell Dowell JV.

 Gorgon Jetty Caissons (2010-2011) - Verification and advice on numerous temporary works structures for construction of large circular concrete caissons constructed at Hendeson, Perth to barged north and be sunk for foundations for Gorgon Jetty.  Client Leighton Contractors.

Redcliffe Bridge (2009-2011) - Planning Study of major urban bridge across Swan River on Tonkin Highway to assess suitability to carry raill loads for airport link. Client PTA.



W2W Alliance, Perth - (2008-2009).  Various designs and temporary works designs associated with Woodman point sewerage expansion and Beenyup sewerage digestors.

Gauteng Freeway Improvement, Johannesburg - (2008-2009). Temporary works design for 3 incrementally launched bridges. Working with Structural Systems and Group 5.

New Perth to Bunbury Highway - (2006-2008). Director Design and Senior Design for project containing about 15 bridge sites, generally with pairs of bridges, including 2 pairs of incrementally launched, with the rest being Super T’s. Structures complete at time of writing, and project within a month of opening. Work included design of both structures and temporary works. Working with GHD, Leighton and MR.

Coopernook to Herons Creek NSW (2006-8). Currently advising Parsons Brinckerhoff and Thiess for construction engineering for 2 incrementally launched bridges.

Dairi Project Indonesia (2007). Assess strength of three existing bridges in Sumatra for mine haul. Client Ausenco.

National Transport Commision (2006). Review of Vehicle Performance Based Standard guidelines for bridge assessments.

Champion Lakes Bridges (2006). Design two bridges for access to Champion Lakes Rowing course Perth.

New Mount Henry Bridge, Package ‘E’, South West Metropolitan Rail Projec, (2004). A 660m long, incrementally launched, single cell concrete box girder bridge duplication.

Strengthening of Original Mount Henry Bridge, Package ‘E’, South West Metropolitan Rail Project (2004). Analysis and design of strengthening works to the original Mount Henry Bridge to carry increased vehicle and rail loading.

Canning Bus Bridge Relocation, Package ‘E’, South West Metropolitan Rail Project (2004). Shifting of the existing ramp bridge structure laterally by nine metres to accommodate the new rail line.

Conveyor Belt and Vehicle Bridge, Yandi Expansion Project, WA (2003). A 300m long composite steel girder with concrete deck bridge which was designed to be fabricated in standardised segments offsite for simple onsite construction.

Abutment Design for Bridge 1551 on Tom Price Karratha Road, WA (2003). D&C for Barclay Mowlem of abutment for rail bridge. Column frame buried in reinforced soil.

Nicholson Road Subway, WA (2002). Replacement of the existing rail bridge superstructure was carried out using precast planks supporting ballasted rail which enabled the structure to be replaced with minimal disruption to rail service.

Four Bridges in the Kimberley Region, WA (2002). Design of four steel composite bridges in Kimberley, WA for MR with Worley Parsons.

Liverpool-Parramatta Transitway Barriers, Sydney (2002). Design of very long slip formed concrete crash barriers for Abigroup and RTA NSW.

Reinforced Concrete Precast Arch Segments, Pacific Highway Upgrade, Yelgin to Chinderah, NSW (2002). Precast arch segments for large road vehicle tunnel type fauna access. For Abigroup and RTA NSW.

Bradshaw Field Training Access Bridge over Victoria River, NT (2001). Successful alternative in precast to original steel composite, with SKM.